Hi its me again TYRA FLEMING your host lets get started

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Okay you might have to come back if there wasn’t enough choices to choose from.

#1 smoothies , smoothies are a great way to to eat healthy and to drink something delicious

#2 salads are really good as well but, did you know you could make fruit salads too and it taste good too

#3 disguised foods can also be a good way to eat healthy  and think you’r eating   a delicious piece of pie

#4 dressings sometimes salad dressings can taste really with fruits and veggies like carrots and dressing oh so delicious

#5 substitutes can also work many stores can have the same of something if your like me you don’t like bananas so i enjoy eating dry bananas instead and they are good well that all for today come back again for some more healthy tip to start you day or light your morning i’m your host TYRA FLEMING come back again bye.


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