TYRA FLEMING’S DAILY BLOG ABOUT FOOD PRESENTS: easy recipe you will love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello it’s your host TYRA FLEMING here to give you a tip you will fall in love with a recipe right now. Image result for A PICTURE OF SALISBURY STEAK


STEP 1# You will need ingredients so you will rice water a pot  a oven and oven made protein  or chicken stake or other meats like that .

STEP 2# Put whatever meat you have put it in the oven or how ever or whatever you are cooking and then put the rice in water in a pot on the stove.

STEP 3# After the rice is done being cooked and the meet is done now the food is ready.

STEP 4# Put it on a plate and wallah you have a delicious meal in 20 minutes or less I’m your host TYRA FLEMING saying bye for now .

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