Image result for TOYS  Hey -yo it your host TYRA FLEMING here to talk about toys and other fun things you will enjoy most definitely so to start it off lets get into it .

Okay you caught me i’m a 11 years old girl interested in toys surprising not really but, a girl needs fun in all this cooking commotion so to started off really i’m serious to start it off I will be rating these so called best in store children toys to make your life easier .

So #5 it is a spy gadget toy list for kids just by the picture what do you realize.

Image result for kids spy toys This stuff looks like it was made for parents to buy and then through away after their kids go to sleep this looks like some home made spy stuff stores have on sale for 15 cents it would be free but, the plastic cost something right . On to next one.

So #4 You think jump ropes are cool now get a load of this . . .

Related image

And you thought I was joking ha ha just to get a laugh out of this the people throwing the girl up and down look like their swinging Godzilla like I’m using all my energy typing with 4 people helping any way back to business.

So #3  And you think fidget spinners were to help people fidget guess what else they can do  . . .Related image Who new that they can be information holders just think your spinning it and then all of a sudden you accidentally drop it and then boom your information got lost in the pieces on to the next one.

So #2 When the apple watches came out guess what else Snapple watches were made for kids take a look .

Image result for smart watches for kids  And people thought it can’t ever be done yeah tricking a little kid out of there money yeah right spend 10 billion dollars on something that cost 5 cents for it actually working.

So 1#  Guess what TV’s are potable now  . . .

Image result for a tv for kids You could seriously give this to someone for a birthday present if they actually want it . Here is a example   “Guess what my son was playing with his lightning McQueen portable TV and  then it fell forward and then the toy like “casing” broke so I had to tape it back together” sounds fun I am serious this time  . . .


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