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Hey- yo I am your host TYRA FLEMING here to give you the worlds best tips on Thanks Giving Feast better than anything and maybe some vegan tips.

Tip non-vegan#1 Sometimes in a non-vegan family the turkey or other meat would be the only or main thing the cooks are worried about so in your family if the turkey taste off or weird consult the cook maybe it could be too dry or is under cooked or it is not a regular turkey.And yes if there is a side that is just out right nasty like I said tell the cooks it is very important i’d rather tell them than to have everyone in disgust.

Tip non-vegan#2 If your family is a little smaller inviting other people can make a good way to have fun or not seem like a certain way even I can’t explain but, I do know whenever guest come over then I feel good and end having more fun than before.

Tip vegan #1 So for all my vegans out there Thanks Giving can be kind of hard because it is focused on meats of all kind and lots of non-vegan food but, today I will be making history apposed to the pilgrims ha ha the part where you laugh . So you think it is hard to make a meal that doesn’t require any meat easy as pie hint that was the first food you can take notes on fruit doesn’t come from trees at least not all of them.”Fake” turkey was the name how about “vegan” . Yes, if you caught vegan turkey you were paying attention.

Tip vegan #2 Did you know you can totally go to a vegan restaurant if you think making vegan things are hard now days then use the materials we do have such as fruits, veggies, non real meat, other alternatives and so on.

Any way thank you so much for reading this blog and all I’d like to say is thanks and like I did say in my next blogs I will feature people who have left comments for me and today if you will go to Stephen Ai’s blog site for me and just please spread love and kindness i’m your host writer TYRA FLEMING here to say .

Good bye for now !

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