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Hey -yo what is up my peoples I am your host TYRA FLEMING toady and everyday I come to you with great blogs you won’t be able to turn down. So basically I will be talking about famous foods of 2018.

So here we go !!!!

famous food #1 Rolled Ice cream um… yes delicious tasty flavorful  the way it is presented just make it a whole lot better.

Image result for rolled ice cream

famous food #2 Donuts with unique fillings um… yes great for parties you never know who want what so have a little bit of everything will for sure keep everyone hyped.

Image result for weird filled donuts

famous food #3 Naked layered cakes um… yes the great cake just got better at least now I can see exactly what I eating.

Image result for naked layered cakes

Famous food #4 Soft serve Ice cream um… yes soft serve is so good delicious like why wouldn’t ice cream be one of the top famous foods in 2018 take a look.

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Famous food #5 last but, not least for this blog site I would like to present this picture. Of delicuoness

Image result for filled croissant

So thank you so much for reading and have a nice day if I can be able to get at least 20-30 likes I will promise to give you a part thank you so so so so much and like I said I am your host TYRA FLEMING here to say .




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