He -yo it is your hostess writer and my name is TYRA FLEMING yes I have enter your page now its time for me to give you ten of the easiest tips on how to make your home smell really good but, with food so lets get started.


So did you know your home gives off scents some scents are good and some not so much.

Tip#1-10 Did you know before you leave your home cook something that you know and everybody else knows that smells wonderful as pie , peaces, turkey , pudding , and any other food that smells delightful.

Tip #2-10 Did you know is you are a air freshener kind of person then just popping them around the house a few time will get your house smelling good even when you have surprised  people coming over.  So even in this case you can have flavors flavors and flavors as many and as good smelling as it gets.

Tip #3 Did you know if your a coffee person then go to many places in your home while the coffee is still fuming or hot because coffee does give off a really good smell even though it might not taste as good it does give off a really descent smell.

Tip #4 Did you know like my mom she might have a day out of the week to clean up and the smell of cleaning supplies fill my nose did you know really strong scented cleaning supplies can help spread the smell of just cleaned up across anyone and every bodies face that they just won;t be able to shake off .

Tip #5 If you would like more tips on how to keep your home smell nice and if you are new please follow this blog site and for today’s ending the person who will be featured in this blog is ………….

Priyanka’s cook book and thank you so much for following liking and checking out my site and if you would like to be announced in my blogs like i said please follow and like any one of my blogs especially this one .


Bye for nnnnooowwww!!!!!


  1. Thank you so much Tyra Fleming for featuring my cookbook. My cookbook is mainly based on cooking ideas of various Indian dishes but I take great interest in knowing and learning about the various delicious dishes from various part of the world and so, I’m following your site! Thanks again for following my site.


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