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Hey -yo it is your girl TYRA FLEMING  again here to you once more so so sorry I did not post for Thanks Giving break but, I did post a Thanks Giving meal post to you all and here today we are all going to go ahead and start this blog so Tyra is going to stop rambling sorry I will stop rambling and get to it.

Whats for lunch Tyra I don’t know donuts something healthy so lets get chocolate covered strawberries nope how about last nights dinner hmm maybe what lunch is okay to eat.

Well first of all it needs to be healthy if it isn’t you no whats going down you can

Okay good start how about you start off with a suitable containor that will be able to hold your food.

then go ahead chuck and and pack it in you lunch box or back pack boom lunch is good.

thank you so much chuck see ya later now lets get in to  another lunch you can pack so go ahead and you can call this the zip lock method ’cause today we are going to be using zip locks all  the rest of the blog so go ahead and put 2 healthy snack into a zip lock then go ahead and put a tasty treat in the zip lock and yes it has to be healthy then you can take 2 more and put chips or crackers in the 2 then go ahead and make a sandwich and put it in a zip lock and there you go a lunch and maybe a little extra . 

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As i said if you follow like or comment you would be put in my huge blog post just for you i will be doing a give away and it will unfortunately be coming after christmas but , if you go to my Instagram tytybankskeepinit100 or my youtube it is tyra fleming please subscribe there is 3 that is going to come up and please follow all 3 they are also mine so you will something and everyone gets a prize right after i post the blog 



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