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So like all my blogs please follow this blogs site and like this post so now that its over with the introduction lets get into it.

Hey everyone my name is TYRA FLEMING and today’s blog is seriously going to be fun and is in contrast with the day Martin Luther Kings Jr. birthday came just a few days ago and so I wanted to make a blog that kind of ties into that category so here we go again.

So some women look for other men or women help to be happy but, most are insecure and is trying to find someone to bond with but, that isn’t the case when someone tries to look for themselves in others when some just don’t know how perfect they are.

So today I am going to give you a speech that i’d like every women and man to hear.

You try to be perfect you think it is all worth it but, some don’t see that their imperfect trying to be perfect . Today we have multiple reasons why people can’t find love multiple reasons why men can’t be there for women . what i’m trying to say is if you love someone hold onto them let them know how much you love them because even though food will work doesn’t mean it will glue .

I heard about a young lady who told her partner she loved him but, he left and said he couldn’t stay somethings male and female figures in other people lives think that love means lets get married or your all mine you can’t ever leave but, if you love someone so much that you love them for them and not for looks but, because you love them for who they are.

Also some people whom fall upon love don’t see how hard their trying or how much of themselves they have might’ve given away themselves that is why loving your self before loving others will teach you how to love both you and the other person so love your self love others and give yourself the attention, accommodations, knowledge of how much of yourself you probably really need to love .


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