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Hey ya’ll it is your author/host TYRA FLEMING here to bring you a weekend blog of course its Friday my day and I really can’t wait to go ahead and start the weekend because this has been one of the most long and exhausting week I’ve ever had so enough rambling here is how to feel good on a weekend.

So I play basketball and in basketball I never ever have any weekends off and I have this weekend off and you’r author / host the happiest ever cause there has been things I have been waiting for .

Tip #1 clean your sheets I on one hand don’t have any time but, I always do to clean my sheets and one way to feel good is to be in a good fresh bed and that is where we spend sleeping if no one catches me , eating and watching TV if your into that .

Tip #2 CLEAN YOUR ROOM !!!! I always hate cleaning my room takes to much time but, if i always have people coming in and out of my room it makes me feel like my room is disgusting to putting towels in the laundry hamper to actually cleaning my floor just to be able to see is one thing I really feel that really needs to be accomplished .

Tip #3 Room cleansing this is really only for the people who don’t like odors or just feels closed in their own room by the air surrounding them and has windows likes to probably open it to get a cleansing smell in or sprays a fresh ocean breeze or limited time spray just to smell better so open up your window and TREAT YO SELF.

Tip #4 stay in bed in your filth at least your owning up to it get some snacks make your self breakfast lunch or dinner and relax this is your weekend you could read some of my blog post just do you .

Thank you !

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