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Hi everyone my name is TYRA FLEMING and today we all know in California it is freezing if some know but, if you live somewhere differently and California doesn’t seem so cold but, if you know it gets somewhat freezing so, cold or room temperature food doesn’t seem to help in this freezing time of day.

Tip #1 To be productive and not stay in bed when you have better things to do make yourself hot and wear socks and have something warm to eat after you awake . Well socks make your feet warm and also when your feet gets arm you somewhat get even colder and when you have something warm to eat it gets you to start your day on a higher note.

Tip #2 Drink a lot of water if you are older and can hold your pee you can get away with drinking water before bed to either wake you up in the middle of the night or get you us as soon as the sun rises to start rushing off to the bathroom.

Tip #3 Plan something in the morning to get you to do what you need to do I know if I had a really big meeting or essay that needs finishing so to sum it all up get yourself a plan or a busy morning you know something to get you going.

Tip #4 Read my blogs in the morning positive vibes positive morning .

Thank you !

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