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Hey-yo my name is TYRA FLEMING and today I am going to be talking and also giving hints on all the ways apples can be made into different types of ways you probably have never thought 0f but, for the sake for you and me both I am going to say half and make a part 2.

1# Fried apples are one of the many kinds of ways apples can be used in a great meal of dinner.

2# You can also boil the apples/apple in water with your own sweet or sour spices.

3# You can also of course blend it with your other favorite fruits veggies or greatest blends you think that might taste well.

4# You guessed it you may bake it , it kind of takes almost the same process of a turkey you need to season it up and make sure water stretches to all crooks and sides a everything on the apple

5# Don’t forget the best apples which are raw apples or caramel covered apples and this is my favorite because you get a stick a apple and caramel and it taste like heaven.

6# With #5 you also have your taffy covered apples and yes that is a thing(look it up)

7# You can also stir fry apples yes it is possible and kind of not surprising with the other things on the list.

8# You can freeze apples this does sound basic but, in all truth there nothing basic about it you actually do alot of work for this very good food idea.

9# You can dry apple are like bake them if you going to the fruit produce section of the store/stores you see dried apples.

Thank you guys so much for reading this amazing blog post I of course hope to see you guys next time BYE,

Thank you !


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