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Hey-yo my name is TYRA FLEMING your author and well I would like to do this blog because there are so many clue people who really just get what they want and don’t know the dangers of it (there aren’t really dangers unless you care about your wallet or health)

Tip#1 Well beef jerky can feel up your stomach if you feel like the ride is going to take forever or you have a really long ride beef jerky will take away your hunger for awhile.

Tip#2 Don’t at all eat chips healthy chips okay but frankly if I need to be honest chips are little demons and they are just a whole lots of unhealthy and plus they are so delicuos you are going to want more plus since you have a long ride probably the fat is just waiting to spread just kidding but, most of it is true but, anyway i’m starving .

Tip#3 Foods with 20 calories or less will also do you good a normal intake of calories should be 2000 and well that should be just for you and your long ride.

Tip#4 Grab a blog of mine and make a recipe or two get out my blog site and read the whole ride please like follow tell your friends we like to be positive and have a bbbbeautiful time reading.


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