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Hey-yo my name is TYRA FLEMING here to give you another blog as usual so lets get into it.

Tip#1 Fruit you can’t go wrong with some delicious fruit everyone’s going to get some like fresh STRAWBERRIES or some GRAPES I also love fruit as like a healthy snack and as just something good to eat.

Tip#2 Pasta is very good especially the pasta with lots of veggies it gives flavor that some spices or condiments won’t be able to give and don’t worry everybody loves pasta.

Tip#3 Meat if you are vegan I will spare you some time and you may want to keep sliding down the blog but, anyway meat especially options will do you good I am certainly not talking oh have steak (if you do save me some) have chicken the choice is yours it great to have but, not absolutely necessary.

Tip#4 To have the best picnic ever turn on my blog post read like and follow and I will promise you will have a wonderful time we like to be kind and positve here to feel welcome.


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